Approved The Disciplinary Regulating Carpa Fishing

carpa fishing

On a proposal from the provincial to ‘Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing Henry Tiero, Cusani the council approved the “Regulations for the Carp in the Province of Latina” in the stretch of the river: Channel Selcella, from the deck of Migliara 51 to’ pumping station Mazzocchio right bank of 3000 mt. about; from the deck of the bridge of Migliara Migliara 49 51 Right side for about 3000 mt. The resolution, initially had a favorable opinion of the Provincial Advisory Committee for Fishing in Inland Waters.

The Province, in accordance with Article 15 of Law 7 December 1990 n. 87 and Article 36 of Regional Law 14 of August 6, 1999 and LR n. 1/2009 art. 11 regulates the practice of controlled fishing with the technique of carp according to the principles of protection, conservation of fish stocks, rational and compatible fishing.

The Carp, is a technique of Anglo-Saxon origin, which provides for the capture of carp (Cyprinus carpio) and the so-called Amur (grass carp, Ctenopharyngodon idellus), with advanced methods and techniques, which are treated with the utmost care, with the requirement of ‘ immediate release after the usual photos. Baits (boilies) are not placed directly on the hook but on an external wire (hair rig). Alarms bite (sonar) allow to be able to stay in fishing for several days, so close to the site is normally placed a tent or other instrument of shelter and rest.
And ‘a must in the technique of carp the “catch and release”, or reintroduction of the fish in their habitat with the greatest care of it, in line with the ethics of the technique itself. The angler must use special frame with the so-called system of lead to lose to avoid problem loans during the recovery of prey. The fisherman has also the obligation to use the landing net to catch the sail, as well as special unhooking mat, which is nestled on any prey, without exception of species or size.


The angler must be in possession of a license category B.

The Sports Associations will provide a ration its members who practice the sport of Carpfishing, putting them aware of the Specifications and all the rules.

Sport fishing is permitted within plots for up to two fishermen. The competition consists of plots, located on the bank of the river, far from each other at least mt. 100.

The pitches are made at the expense of the participants in the races, in the absolute respect of the morphology of the banks, and must be kept in perfect cleaning. And ‘it is forbidden to cut and uproot trees and shrubs for the creation of new positions.

And ‘allowed to use no more than three rods, armed with only love, only telescopic or grafts, fitted with rings and grommet full reel to be loaded with monofilament. The fisherman will have to be equipped with scales, a suitable instrument for the measurement of a lot for weighing (sling) of the mat (unhooking mat), camera. The baits can not be positioned above the load line on the table of the pitch occupied and is prevented from fishing afloat.

Bait and baiting: are allowed only bait provided by the philosophy of carp, therefore, boiles diameter between 10 and 28 mm. and grains (cooked corn). They exclude dough of flour and pasture. And ‘The use of batters or other agglomerations on the hook. They are prohibited: the fouilles, bloodworms, and blood derivatives, live bait for any species, crustaceans, worms, live fish or dead, and other lures.

After unloading the equipment, it must return to the car park in designated parking areas.

E ‘borne by the organizer of the race: the retrieval of parking areas authorized, for the entire duration of the event; the acquisition of the prior authorization of the Consortium of Reclamation concerning the installation of the curtains and the use of the vessel for the purposes set out below. The organizer also has the obligation to ensure the availability of toilets.
On stretches of waterways authorized can be practiced the sport fishing even at night and with no time limit only with the technique of carp on the basis of the provisions of the LR 87/90.

And ‘it allowed to use the tent for the duration of the fishing session (day and night), provided that does not lead to change either vegetation or the configuration of’ embankment.

The tent is shelter for competing against the elements, it will be mounted within the assigned location. The colors of the curtains should not be bright colors, must be tone suitable to fit into the landscape and blend with it. And ‘it is forbidden to light fires unattended and are prohibited noises at night.

Subject to the approval of the competent Reclamation Consortium, is allowed to use only one vessel, for pair of anglers: it necessary to install an electric motor and be equipped with a lifeline.

The boat may be used for the following purposes: to carry the equipment; scan the seabed; affix markers (markers); baiting; retrieve the prey to avoid damage to it.

The area where you can practice the technique of carp is defined annually by act of the Provincial Government. Outside of the areas identified is forbidden to practice the technique of carp.

And ‘The use of bags for maintenance during the day; at night you can use the SO-CALLED carp sack, waiting for adequate light to shoot the usual photos.

It ‘must, in any case, the monitoring of the health of the fish and disinfection of the wound caused the hook and is prohibited from carp fishing in known spawning period, ie from 15 May to 30 June.